Ty Sibert

To start off, here is some basic information about me. At BHS, I participate in football, track, FCA, and Interact Club. In my free time, I enjoy fishing, playing video games, playing board games, biking, lifting, checking the stock market, and playing sand volleyball. Recently, I have tried learning how to cook more and I have spent the last couple months watching tendencies in the stock market. I take pride in trying to learn about different types of people and their views on different subjects. I also enjoy hanging out with many different types of people and learning new things. I enjoy taking leadership type roles to make others feel welcome in different types of activities. After my years in high school, I plan on attending a college and pursuing a business or financial major. I would like to do a job that involves mathematics and leadership. Finally, if I haven’t already met or I do know you feel welcome to talk with me. I look forward to seeing our students and staff progress and hope we all can finish off the school year strong.