NHS: Blood Drive

This past week on Friday, March 26th, there was an annual blood drive hosted at our very own gymnasium at Bath High School. The National Honor Society helped coordinate and assemble this blood drive. The NHS helps every year with this event. As being a second-year member of NHS, I have only helped once with the blood drive since last year’s event was canceled due to COVID-19. This year’s blood drive went well even though we are still currently in a pandemic. Many people showed up to donate. One of the jobs of the NHS members was to set up the chairs, tables, and donating area in the morning and take them down in the afternoon after the event was over. Another job was to assist the donators with snacks and juices to ensure their comfort. The last two jobs were to register people and take their temperatures as they walk in. The blood drive lasted around seven hours. I think this event was very successful and I am so glad that I could be a part of it!